A strange aura surrounds this mysterious new addition to the team of survivors. An aura which could possibly be attributed to her unfathomably deep understanding of this mysterious infection, her apparent relations to Baron Manfred Von Darksburg himself or to the vaguely undead smell she adorns.

An accomplished doctor, with a sharp scientific mind, Dolorosa was deep in the field upon the outbreak, attempting to help those who became infected whilst feverishly trying to devise a cure.

(As evidenced by the current situation, this endeavor was largely unsuccessful, but we're sure the townsfolk would voice their appreciation for her attempts were they capable of more than the standard zombie grunts and growls.)


Dolorosa brings much more than just a profound understanding of medical science and a questionable odor to the team however and is more than capable of holding her own against the undead scourge with her unique set of abilities:


And the best part about this is, Dolorosa is available to play NOW in Darksburg alongside a number of other fixes and improvements, which are outlined below:

Update Notes
  • Dolorosa, The Macabre Medic is now available for selection as a Survivor.
  • Basic attack animations have been improved for all Survivors: they now have more “oomph” and also don’t cut abruptly at the end. This should improve the overall game feel.
  • Survivors can now push every so slightly the lesser infected, which should improve the overall game feel and prevent the situation where you can’t escape a pack because you don’t have any more evade charges.
  • As a result, holding a heavy object such as the Toolbox or a Powder Keg no longer performs a hard push back on lesser infected. In turn, move speed penalty has been reduced (from -50% to -35% to all objects but Powder Keg, and from -40% to -25% for the Powder Keg)
  • Added some missing SFX
  • Increased the value of the smallest stack of gold from 40 Darks to 50 Darks
  • The ‘Basic Instinct’ talent has been revamped, now increasing defense by 25% when Wounded, instead of giving temp health on Dire Bite. Since this is meant to be a rookie-friendly “last chance” talent, it didn’t make much sense to encourage a risk-seeking behavior to get more health when low on health.

And lets not forget, scheduled for release next month is our largest update yet! This update will see a host of new additions to the game that will drastically alter the way Darksburg is played with a complete overhaul of the single player and co-operative experience, which we’ll have more in depth news on in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out!

See you in Darksburg!

- Shiro Games

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