Blackguard Squad Update

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Hey Guys,

First off, we would like to thank all of you for all of the feedback you have provided since release! Using this feedback and all of the expert insights from our community, we have begun to define the direction we think would be best to take Darksburg going forward and we are glad to inform you thata substantial update is in motion right now to address the most pertinent key community concerns such as limited replayability, content and repetitive maps. We are targeting May/June to release this update and we hope to share more info on that front in the coming weeks.

Before this update, we will be seeing the first of our new survivors joining the game next month (April), a unique and interesting new character who some of you may have seen teased already and we are certain is going to make a splash with the people of Darksburg.

In the meantime though, we’re releasing an update TODAY. Introducing a host of bug fixes, minor updates based on player reports and feedback, some system tweaks and... OH YEAH, The Blackguard Squad, a new foe joining the legion of undead that patrol the streets of Darksburg and might be one of the toughest challenges our survivors have seen yet.


Mushrooming's spawn system has been slightly altered: Mushrooms now spawn on the fly around Runolf instead of being pre-spawned on the map. It solves many pesky issues, and is more beneficial to players, as they don't run the risk of running out of Mushrooms, waiting for their respawn on smaller maps.


New enemy: The Blackguard Squad!

Prepare to come face to face with a patrolling squad of the dreadful Blackguard. Those elite halberdiers were sent by the Duke of Dreadmire to investigate the infection in its earlier hours. Unfortunately, not only did their incredible might do nothing to help, but it has just cranked the threat up a notch.

Unlike the Baron, a Blackguard Squad can be avoided; watch out for their cone of vision! Whether you engage them or not is your call; just be warned that they give no quarter!


  • [Fix] Projectiles now deal their damage to barricades once instead of several times.
  • [Fix] The Powder Keg used to deal variable damage to barricades depending on its relative position, which was not intended. Damage is now consistent.
  • [Fix] Objects were sometimes out of reach once dropped. This shouldn't happen again.
  • [Fix] Fixed some Chinese text strings that weren't displayed properly.
  • [Fix] Sometimes toilets were not appearing on the radar when a survivor was dead.
  • [Fix] Ambient sound on Farmland


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