Welcome to the first in a series of Dev Diaries that will introduce you to the core concepts of Darksburg, the inspirations that lead us to developing it and the process that our teams go through to take a game from concept to release! In this first video, Game Director Sebastien Vidal and Lead Game Designer Frédéric Oughdentz provide an introduction to the game. The interview can be found in written form below the video.

What is Darksburg?
"Darksburg is a cooperative game where a team of 4 Survivors fight against hordes of infected that have taken over the town."
What influences inspired the creation of Darksburg?

"We wanted to pay tribute to classic zombie movies where normal people are being thrown into extraordinary situations, but this time with a medieval twist. Among us many are fans of co-op survival games such as Left4Dead, but we wanted to experiment with the more tactical aspect of a top-down view."

What does collaboration look like in Darksburg?

Survivors each have their own skillset and playstyle, but there’s no designated role such as healer or tank. I mean, they are pretty strong but they must work together and make sure nobody is left behind. A single Survivor cannot hope to make it on their own, as they may be quickly taken down by an overwhelming group of infected, or even by a single Elite Zombie. Elite Zombies are powerful enemies such as the Executioner, the Grave Digger, or the Burning Witch. They all have unique abilities like the Survivors’ and can become a lethal threat when attacking as a team, especially in PvP mode.

Who should play Darksburg?

"Darksburg will be enjoyed by anyone who likes action and co-op games. We’ve made sure that Darksburg is accessible to a wide range of players, but dedication will be key to mastery. The game is mainly skill based, but we are currently working on a talent system that will allow players to customize the playstyle of each Survivor."

What’s the current state of development?

"We are currently close to alpha stage. We are mostly done with the core gameplay and controls, and we have already implemented a bare-bones version of the PvP mode. We are now focusing on content and balancing. We also have other pretty cool unique features in the works that we’ll talk about in a future diary."


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