“Something strange is happening in the town of Darksburg, and we’re not talking about the swathes of undead miscreants roaming the town or the former ruler of the province seemingly now being hellbent on hunting down anyone who has had the fortune of avoiding zombification.

No, something much more unprecedented appears to be at hand here. When the outbreak began, the roads and back alleys were just as you’d expect from any aging town, linear, well travelled and unchanged for centuries (Mostly thanks to the labourers who worked tirelessly to rectify the strange and disjointed town developments put in place by the inhabitants of Darksburg).

Now however, likely due to the chaos that has engulfed the region and the Construction Workers Union unequivocally refusing to allow any work in the town until the zombie outbreak is under control because they “don’t want their workers being eaten” or something, Darksburg has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Streets that were formerly easily navigated and unremarkable, yet familiar now instead almost seem to diverge and morph with every visit, areas our survivors have never before laid eyes on seem to loom around every corner and the town now resembles something much closer to a labyrinth than a formerly prosperous abode…”

The "Going Rogue" beta update is here! Introducing the premier Darksburg game mode “Outbreak”, which takes the staples of Darksburg as you know it, and blends it with classic Roguelite gameplay alongside a bunch of changes and updates!


In Outbreak you take on the role of one of 2 survivors in their attempt to escape the city via various deep, interconnected, procedurally generated environments, improving and developing your character with numerous enhancements, perks and items you will find along the way as you attempt to evade and defeat the zombies and nefarious revenants that have been plaguing the town of Darksburg and escape unscathed…

But of course, you can’t spell “roguelite” without “death” (well, you can, but you see what we mean here), so any experience, level and perks you acquire during a run are lost if all Survivors meet their demise. Only the mysterious “curios of Darksburg” will stick around, provided you managed to unlock them.

So whatever you do, stay alive.

Unlike Darksburgs initial 4 player focus, Outbreak is tailored towards two players and will provide countless new ways to approach and tackle the game, unique and constantly evolving character builds, more substantial and varied interconnected environments and a wildly different, massively rewarding experience with every run.



Sister Abigail
  • The ‘Smit’em all’ perk now only earns 50 temp HP instead of 100

  • Fervour now charges up twice as fast.

  • Fervour decays slightly slower now, but starts decaying sooner after the last hit.

  • The damage balance of the basic attack has been slightly shifted in favor of direct damage.

  • The default clawing attack during ‘Call of the Wild’ had its speed doubled, and its damage increased by 50%. Its temp and permanent health bonuses were increased by 100%.

  • The ‘Wild Bite’ (‘Dire Bite’ under ‘Call of the Wild’) ability’s temp and permanent health bonuses were reduced by 25%.

  • Both the ‘Dire Bite’ and ‘Wild Bite’ abilities’ areas of effect have been increased.

  • Chests and baskets are no longer visible in the Fog of War. They remain visible if a survivor has previously spotted them though.

  • Older Modes are now only accessible when activating “Legacy Mode” in the general options menu.


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