We are incredibly excited to announce we have concluded the Early Access development of Darksburg and have today officially launched Darksburg into 1.0! Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who joined us in Early Access and helped us shape darksburg into what it is today and secondly, we’d like to welcome all the new players who are joining us for the next phase of Darksburgs life!


Darksburg 1.0 brings a huge number of new additions and improvements, in addition to everything that has come to the game since our initial release into Early Access including Ascension mode, a rework of numerous characters move sets, new character skins, Etc…

You can find the full details of everything new in 1.0 here!


The town of Darksburg has been subject to an outbreak of unprecedented proportions, morphing the formerly quaint and lively town into a… well, much less lively town at the very least. And at the very most, there’s zombies like, everywhere. Which is not ideal for a town that depends heavily on its tourism industry to get by. Your job is to take charge of one of the few remaining survivors of Darksburg, and escape. Easy right?

Well, not really, as in addition to the zombies (Did we mention there’s thousands of them? But that isn’t important right now) you’ll also have to worry about some of the more notorious former residents of the town that have turned into the super zombies we’ve been affectionately calling “revenants”, who have a variety of nefarious abilities they’ll use to quash any attempts at escape, have fun with them.

Last note, we’ve also heard rumours that our towns formerly beloved leader might have gone a little mad and be actively trying to kill the living. We can’t confirm due to liability reasons, but suggest you keep an eye out...


In Darksburg you take on the role of one of 2 (to 4) survivors in their attempt to escape the city via various deep, interconnected, procedurally generated environments, improving and developing your character with numerous enhancements, perks and items you will find along the way as you attempt to evade and defeat the zombies and nefarious revenants that have been plaguing the town of Darksburg and escape unscathed…

But of course, you can’t spell “roguelite” without “death” (well, you can, but you see what we mean here), so any experience, level and perks you acquire during a run are lost if all Survivors meet their demise. Only the mysterious “curios of Darksburg” will stick around, provided you managed to unlock them. So whatever you do, stay alive.


Well, we have a plethora of ideas floating around on what we’d next like to bring to Darksburg and depending on how well Darksburg is received, we really hope to bring as many of these to reality as possible. At the very least we’ll be seeing more skins, new perks, new affixes, artifacts and items in the near future, with more to come down the line! And of course, bug fixes and balancing tweaks galore!


Darksburg is what it is today thanks to the fantastic community who have joined us for the ride since launch and we can’t wait to see this community grow with all of the new players who will be joining us in our favourite zombie infested medieval town. Don’t forget to Join us on Discord and follow us on Facebook and twitter to join our wonderful community and keep up to date with all things Darksburg!


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