Leaving Early Access!

We are incredibly excited to announce we have concluded the Early Access development of Darksburg and have today officially launched Darksburg into 1.0! Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who joined us in Early Access and helped us shape darksburg into what it is today and secondly, we’d like to welcome all the new players who are joining us for the next phase of Darksburgs life!

Going Rogue Update

The « Going Rogue » beta update is here! Introducing the premier Darksburg game mode “Outbreak”, which takes the staples of Darksburg as you know it, and blends it with classic Roguelite gameplay alongside a bunch of changes and updates!

The Blackguard Squad Update

ntroducing a host of bug fixes, minor updates based on player reports and feedback, some system tweaks and… OH YEAH, The Blackguard Squad, a new foe joining the legion of undead that patrol the streets of Darksburg and might be one of the toughest challenges our survivors have seen yet.